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Aluminum Fence Installation

Perez Industries offers welded and mechanical aluminum fence installation, including both prefabricated options and custom designs to beautify your home, define property lines, and much more. Our service offerings include:

  • Mechanical fencing, available in a wide variety of colors to complement and round out the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

  • Welded fencing, both prefabricated and custom to add ornamentation throughout your home while providing additional privacy.

  • Ornamental gates, custom-welded to give your home a grand entrance and added security.

  • Custom-welded ornamentation, including elegant decorations added to fencing, pool areas, or even your home itself to further enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal.

With roots in the aluminum industry, Perez Industries is the go-to company for custom fencing for your home exterior. Contact us today to tell us about your vision for your home!