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Colonnade Pool Enclosure

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An elegant and artful pool area.

The Perez Industries team was called in to complete a unique pool enclosure project in Bonita Bay. This client’s home featured concrete colonnades surrounding their pool area. The client’s hope was to keep this existing structure while adding a pool enclosure to the colonnade in order to shelter the pool area, as well as a new structural gutter system.

In order to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete colonnade tie beam our team would need to avoid excessive penetrations. If the new beams penetrated the concrete in too many areas, this would likely lead to moisture intrusion and water damage. The new pool enclosure would also need to shelter the pool area without interfering with the view.

In the end, our professional team was able to expertly complete this project, bringing the client’s vision to life without sacrificing any of the existing concrete work. The end result was a new pool enclosure that was both gorgeous and functional all at once!